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Someone asked me once, about my experiences in the photography world.


It´s quite easy, I´been taken photos for thirty five years, I was born in 1962, photography has more weight in my life than everything else.  (Except my family.)


I see almost everything as a photo, I wake up and go to sleep, thinking about it and is just great.


Photography for me is an escape valve, sometimes to get away from reality, and others to get into.


The main issue of this occupation is the observation and the creativity, then get as deeper as you may get into the technical aspects of the craft in order to get good results, and finally the most important thing for me is to generate a feeling to the observer.


Once I heard someone during an exhibition, that my pictures were scaring... Well, I was glad with the comment, this person didn´t walk away from just another photo exhibition, he went away with a feeling.


The photos most have their own language. They most speak for themselves about joy, happiness, sorrow, pain, distress or whatever you need to capture on your frame.



The way I work is basically by observation, I´m always looking for something that fits into the portfolio Im working.


I always have two or three ideas on my mind, and that keeps me busy and focus on what I need, I never leave home without  a camera, I read a lot, I do photo workshops and they are an enormous field for feedback, I also sketch and draw my images before I take the picture.


I work with handmade sets on my studio but also I like to discover things on the outside, for example when I discovered an old stuffed animal that my dog buried, in the garden, and it help me a lot for a photo that I had in mind, so I´m always open to any event or anything.


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